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Kelli Kunes

A little info about me: I’ve been married to the man of my dreams since 2013. He brings out the best in me and supports me in everything I do. We adopted a little Labrador, JD, and he is the cutest little guy in the world! Along with my family and puppy, I am crazy about weddings. Everything about them makes me happy — the love between a couple, the beautiful flowers, the craziness that comes with planning the perfect day, literally just about everything!

I had been planning events with passion for nearly a decade when I decided to take the leap and open my own wedding planning and event coordinating business. My personal aesthetic preferences are always changing, but I gravitate toward contrasting textures, such as aged wood with metal, and I adore organic lush flowers! I’ll work to learn and implement the client’s creative preferences to design an event that is simply beautiful and cherished by the host.

Debbie Kunes

When I got married in 1981, two very large families were combined. We had six children of our own, and there are now over 100 cousins on just one side! That being said, I am no stranger to coordinating — I have planned dozens of parties for birthdays, graduations, weddings, babies, and holidays over the years. Since 2006, Kelli has taken over these family parties with her creative direction and fresh ideas. I have enjoyed working more in the background, smoothing out any last minute details and making sure all events run as planned. I'm confident in her talents and abilities, and excited to offer those same services to our Simply Detailed clients!


Mom of two! Assisting Simply Detailed for 1 year. Loves crafting and life time movies. Suzy is extremely detailed oriented.  Not one detail will be missed!

Intern-2 Coming soon!

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